The Drigg & Carleton Community Funds

The Drigg & Carleton Community Funds

The Drigg and Carleton Community Fund receives £50k per annum from the Copeland Community Fund as part of the planning agreement for Vault 9 at LLWR.  The money is managed by the Parish Council along with 4 independent trustees.

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The Drigg & Carleton Community Fund uses the money annually for items such as Village Maintenance and on annual village events such as Drigg Gala, the Tuesday Chat Summer Outing (see Photos in the Reports & Feedback section), the Children’s Christmas Party and the Fireworks.

There have also been some large projects funded. The beach car park and entrance area have been worked on and tidied up, with new benches placed.  The Drigg PRoW (Public Rights of Way) Project is an ongoing project with the aim of improving and repairing the PRoW network throughout the parish.

Forms to apply for Funding for Projects or Community Annual Events along with guidance notes are in the Applications forms & Guidance.

For any further information on how to apply to these funds, please contact the Charity Secretary – Karen Warmoth (