The Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund

The Bursary Fund is a bursary award to enable individuals in Drigg and Carleton Parish to have better access to training opportunities, skills training and further education.

The Bursary Fund has also introduced a new Award: Post 16 Transport to help year 12 & 13 students who use the school bus or public transport to attend local schools and colleges. Application Form and Guidance Notes are available below.

The Bursary Fund is supported in partnership with LLWR. There is a Drigg Charity sub-group who assess the bursary applications and make recommendations to the main charity committee for approval. The sub-group is made up of 2 councillors, 2 independents and a representative from LLWR.

Forms to apply for funding are in Bursary and Post 16 Transport Application Forms and Guidance Notes.

For any further information on how to apply to these funds, please contact the Charity Secretary (