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Neighbourhood Watch Week 5th To 11th June

Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021 – LISTEN, TALK, DO

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it is that neighbourliness and community spirit is just as important as ever. Neighbourhood Watch Week 2021 (5th-11th June) is an opportunity for us to build on the existing and new neighbourly relationships formed throughout the pandemic. It is a time for us to build on the connections we have made before and during lockdown.

This year we will promoting activities to support you to ‘LISTEN, TALK and DO’ with your community. We have ensured we are offering a good range of online activities as well as face to face activities. We encourage you to engage in these activities as you see fit within your community – but always within Covid-19 government rules.  All resources will be available on our landing page [] – some are ready now such as HOW TO guides to enable you to start planning for those activities, others such as listening to a COMMUNITY PODCAST will be launched on the 5th June.

If you or anyone in your community have any examples of involvement in any of the above activities, please let me know so that I can share them with Neighbourhood Watch Network.

Many grateful thanks.

Joe Murray QPM
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Joseph Murray (NHWN, Administrator, Cumbria)

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