Drigg & Carleton Parish Council – Minutes – May 2024

Minutes Uploaded on June 5, 2024



Held in Drigg Village Hall on 14th May 2024 at 7.10 pm

Attended:          Chris Gigg                                        CG         (Chair)

John Jennings                                 JJ            (Vice-Chair)

Andy Pratt                                       AP          (Ward Councillor)

Sadie Clarke                                    SC

Suey Browne                                  SB

Keith Murray                                  KM

Martin Clayton                               MC

Karen Warmoth                             (Clerk / RFO)


Apologies:          Jimmy Naylor                                 JN


  • Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 9th April 2024
    1. Resolution to approve the minutes of the meeting on 9th April 2024 as a true and accurate record proposed by JJ and seconded by AP with all in favour; minutes signed by the Chair


  • Apologies for absence: Jimmy Naylor


  • Declarations of interest relating to this agenda: none


  • Resignation
    1. Cllr Browne’s resignation takes effect at this meeting
    2. The casual vacancy is advertised on the Parish noticeboard


  • Financial matters
    1. Finance report
      1. Balance: the balance of the Parish Council account is £6,365.21
      2. Precept: £3,250 received on 22nd April 2024
  • VAT return: £656.70 claimed and paid in on 22nd April 2024
  1. HMRC
    • HMRC are owed £224.80 in tax, as yet unclaimed (incl £96 for Clerk’s April pay)
    • HMRC owe DCPC £200 after a successful appeal against a fine
    • Balance: £24.80 owed to HMRC – to be collected by Direct Debit
  2. Income: £276.98 received from DCCF for Secretary / Treasurer services of the Clerk
  1. Consideration of payments
    1. Insurance premium: proposed by KM and seconded by SC to pay the insurance premium of £1,844.13, with all in favour
    2. CALC subscription: proposed by CG and seconded by KM to pay the CALC subscription of £207.54, with all in favour
  • Auditor’s invoice: proposed by AP and seconded by KM to pay the Auditor’s invoice of £75, with all in favour
  1. White Paint: proposed by CG and seconded by KM to reimburse the Clerk £74.99 for the purchase of white road marking paint
  2. Remembrance Day flag: £28.80 paid to Newton Flags (spend approved in April 2024 minute 8.e.)
  1. Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2023-24
    1. Certificate of Exemption: signed and dated by the Chair and RFO
      • Clerk to forward the Certificate of Exemption to Moore’s
    2. Annual Internal Audit Report: signed and dated by the auditor
  • Annual Governance Statement: signed and dated by the Chair and Clerk
  1. Annual Accounting Statement: signed and dated by the Chair and RFO
  2. Notice of Public Rights
    • Commencing on Thursday 16th March 2024
    • Ending on Wednesday 26th June 2024
  3. Auditor feedback: minor amendments
    • Show payments net of VAT
    • Reclaim VAT – done before the feedback meeting
    • Deficit for the year 2023-24 covered by retained funds
    • Budget Actuals to be added to reflect the figures on the Financial Statement
  • Publication of the AGAR 2023-24: AGAR displayed on the Village Hall noticeboard and published on the website
  • Actions and matters arising
    1. Action 3/3: AP to report back from NWS about beach benches after the next Liaison meeting – action ongoing
    2. Action 4/1: Clerk to organise distribution of Summer Newsletter by end April – action completed
    3. Action 4/2: Clerk to order Remembrance Day flag – action completed
    4. Action 4/3: Clerk to buy road marking paint – action completed
    5. Action 4/4: Clerk to draw up a rota for the Summer Wellbeing Hub – action completed
    6. Action 4/5: Clerk to write a letter of thanks to the cleaner – action completed


  • Cumberland Council
    1. Report
      1. Cumberland AGM to be held on 15th May 2024 at Carlisle
      2. AP chased Cumberland road sweepers to come to Drigg; asked for rural areas rota
    2. Highways
      1. A595 Road closure: dates and sites of night closures (maps and dates on
        • Broad Oak Junction to Waberthwaite Junction: 7th May – 24th May 2024
        • New Mill to Gosforth Crossroads: 28th May – 21st June 2024
        • Wood House to Millom West Junction: 17th June – 21st June 2024
        • Stubshead Lane to Greengarth Junction: 24th June – 12th July 2024
        • Pelham House, Calderbridge to Ponsonby church: 15th July – 26th July 2024
        • Drigg Junction to Fell Lane: 29th July – 6th September 2024
        • Holmrook Greengarth Junction to Drigg Junction: 12th August 2024 for six weeks
        • Fell Lane to Broad Oak Junction (phases 1 & 2): 9th Sept – 11th October 2024
        • Overnight closures: convoys between 7 pm and 10 pm; hard closure after 10 pm
      2. Corney Fell bridge: old bridge to be demolished; new one due to be installed next year


  • Public Participation
    1. No members of the public attended


  • Main Business
    1. Shutters for the Main Hall
      1. Quote for new shutters estimated £1,872
      2. Cine North propose to install a new large screen for cinema viewing
  • CG to obtain precise drawings and review the quote to ensure it is appropriate
  1. Saltcoats: a parishioner reported that white road markings needed to be refreshed and hedges cut back. MC investigated and responded to the parishioner on 5th May
    1. White lines: Highways have scheduled repainting the white lines as part of their planned works this year
    2. Hedges: in order to make space to move a large vehicle past the Network Rail crossing cabin, it was suggested that the parishioner asks the rail workers to temporarily move their walkway; contact details of Network Rail passed on to the parishioner
      • Other trees and shrubs along the lane are on private land and the Parish Council has no powers to cut them; parishioner should contact individual land owners privately
    3. Hall Loft project
      1. Loft Ladder: JN and CG cut into the loft floor to check the position of pipes, lights, etc
      2. Need to protect the opening for the ladder whilst people are in the loft
  • Employ a professional structural engineer to review drawings
  1. Obtain specifications: height, width, angle, etc
  2. Consider fire escape when planning
  3. Strictly no access to the loft when the hall is in use
  • JJ could approach Tom Short for advice and expertise
  • Possibly drive this project forward via a sub-group of the Village Hall Cttee?
  1. Newsletter: publishing schedule for Autumn
    1. Publishing date: aim is to publish the Autumn Newsletter first week in September 2024
    2. Copy deadline: 15th August 2024 for submissions (reminders at the July meeting)
  • Suggested content:
    • Tuesday Chat / Catch Up Café (requested by AM)
    • Cine North – autumn schedule
    • Drigg Local History Group – autumn schedule
    • Back to school – promoting the Bursary fund to parishioners
    • Drigg Gala 2024 – review / photos
    • Bonfire / Fireworks – preview
    • Update on projects: wildflowers / bulbs / Jubilee Oak / loft ladder / info boards
    • Information on the forthcoming winter warm hub
    • Holmrook story
  1. Possibility of increasing to four Newsletters per year – to be reviewed in the autumn
  1. Beach benches
    1. SC asked NDA Properties about the beach benches and whether they might be reinstated safely with fences to keep livestock out; NDA Properties to investigate and report back
  2. Paving slabs for the seat on Shore Road
    1. This was agreed as part of the quote submitted by SK for village maintenance; approval given for cost of paving slabs. Clerk to follow up
  3. Public Right of Way: Drigg Holme
    1. Broken gate on the Drigg side
    2. Lake District National Park claim there is no money to replace it but will provide a gate if the landowner will install it
  • Cumberland Council say the landowner or tenant should fence his own stock
  1. Who owns the pack horse bridge? It is a Scheduled Monument? AP to research
  2. Strip farming of fields on the Drigg side of the bridge with multiple owners
  3. Part of Coastal path; AP to ask National Park ranger to check if it is dangerous
  1. Traffic survey: sub-cttee reviewed the traffic survey and summarised concerns; to be discussed at the nest Liaison meeting on 4th June 2024 (NWS to be sent the raw data)
  2. Millennium Oak: AP to organize moving the stone the other way round. SC has adhesive sealant for the plaque
  3. Summer Wellbeing hub: going well with rota for volunteers, who pick up cakes and milk
  4. Any other parish matters: none raised

Action 5/1: CG to review the quote for the shutters
Action 5/2:
Clerk to speak to SK about paving slabs for bench on Shore Road
Action 5/3:
AP/Clerk to research whether Drigg Packhorse bridge is a Scheduled Monument
Action 5/4:
AP to ask National Park Ranger to check the broken gate at Drigg Holme
Action 5/5:
AP to arrange for the Millennium Oak stone to be moved around

  • Received communications
    1. NDA Properties meeting: took place on 9th May 2024. SC summarised for the meeting
    2. NALC Consultation
      1. Accountability within public bodies – acting on early warning signs
    3. NALC survey
      1. Committee on Standards in Public Life public bodies consultation – sector survey
  • Planning Applications
    1. Lake District National Park Authority
      1. None
    2. Cumberland Council: Minerals and Waste Planning Team
      1. 4/24/9001: Creation of a new pond to provide new habitat and an enhancement for biodiversity. Drigg Low Level Waste Disposal Site. Respond by 15th May 2024
        • Provided that this pond does not restrict or otherwise affect drainage in the local area, and provided that the pond is and will remain entirely separate from any adjacent watercourses (such as Drigg Stream, for example) Drigg & Carleton Parish Council have no objection to this application
      2. 4/24/9002: Siting of 13 portable buildings for office, laboratory and welfare purposes for a temporary period of 5 years. Creation of contractor’s vehicle and siting of four electric vehicle charging points. Drigg Low Level Waste Disposal Site. Respond by 15th May 2024
        • Drigg & Carleton Parish Council identified a number of serious issues with this application:
          • The portable buildings will cater for up to 70 people; why are 13 portable buildings plus a laboratory needed for 30 extra jobs?
          • 30 people per day represent 60 traffic movements; will the effects of these traffic movements be mitigated? Will they be at anti-social hours such as very early mornings, evenings, Sundays, banks holidays, etc or during school hours? This is likely to be worsened if more than 30 people are added to the site numbers.
          • The application mentions bussing staff from Greengarth; Greengarth is not yet available as a park and ride traffic hub and the owners know nothing about this plan.
          • If the new staff are being bussed to the site, why are EV charging points needed?
          • If people will be travelling from Workington or Millom, why can’t they come by train?
          • If buses or trains are not an option, what plans are in place to reduce the impact of even more traffic twice daily in the village?
          • There is no clarity on working hours; will night shifts be included, for example?
          • How firmly is the five year limit to be enforced? Will all the portable buildings be removed in 2029 without question?
        • Cumbria Association of Local Councils
          1. No meeting held since the last Parish Council meeting
        • Reports from Representatives
          1. GDF Mid Copeland Community Partnership
            1. Chairs meeting
              • NWS to provide greater clarity on what may be considered a Test of Public Support
              • NWS considering an Honorarium to recognise the extra work of all Chairs
              • NWS currently forming a Youth Forum to engage with young people
              • NWS invited to present to the CP on the clarification on CP / Developer roles
              • Levels of support staff for local engagement discussed
              • Development Consent Orders: requirements for borehole investigations discussed; NWS to present a timeline to the Community Partnership
              • Visioning: discussed plans alongside long term rural and environmental factors
              • Site Evaluation: team is progressing. Graphics and video to be shared when completed
            2. British Geological Survey: Partnership members found the visit valuable
  • Withdrawal subgroup: Canadian project offered useful insights
  1. Visioning: recent workshop. More sessions planned with CP members asked to suggest participants from different demographics. Sessions planned for four local schools
  2. Youth Subgroup: engagement strategy circulated recognising young people as key stakeholders in the community. CP looking for ways to include skills development, opportunities, etc. Feedback to be gathered from young people
  3. Seascale Scouts: consultation with young people about their hopes for the future
  • Community Investment Funding: awards currently total £415,218; £300k in pipeline
  • Communications: press release on CIF and e-bulletin. Website upgrade ongoing
  1. Engagement: programme of summer events, including out of search area events
  2. Next meeting: 3rd June, 3 pm, St Mary’s Room, Gosforth
  1. GDF South Copeland Community Partnership
    1. CG applied to join the CIF Panel
    2. Youth Forum to be formed (see above)
  • Withdrawal: see above
  1. DCOs for boreholes: see above
  2. Community Impact Report requested by the CP still not produced
  3. Next meeting: on 19th June 2024 at 6.30 pm at Millom Baptist Church Hall


  1. NWS / DCPC Liaison
    1. Communications: minutes not being fully circulated; Clerk to email NWS
    2. Agenda: no HGV info given again, no details of traffic curfew breaches
      • Contractors: commercial mechanisms in place to deal with curfew breaches
      • Clerk to compile a list of standing agenda items expected at every meeting
  • Ecological surveys taking place in the evenings
  1. Trees felled on the eastern boundary
  2. Southern Trenchcap Interim Membrane: procurement complete, contractor to be announced shortly
  3. Marquee: JJ asked to remind SW of marquee users and dates
  • Next NWS / DCPC Liaison meeting: 4th June 2024, 4.30 pm, Pelham House


Action 5/6: Clerk to email NWS to ask for all minutes to be sent to the Clerk

Action 5/7: Clerk to compile a list of standing agenda items for the Liaison meetings

  • Agenda for next meeting


  • Date of next meeting
    1. Close: meeting closed 9.20 pm
    2. Next meeting: to be held on 11th June 2024 at Drigg Village Hall at 6.30 pm

Karen Warmoth
Parish Clerk
Drigg & Carleton Parish Council
21stMay 2024

Summary of Actions

Action 3/3: AP to report back from NWS about beach benches after next Liaison meeting – ongoing

New Actions

Action 5/1: CG to review the quote for the shutters

Action 5/2: Clerk to speak to SK about paving slabs for bench on Shore Road

Action 5/3: AP/Clerk to research whether Drigg Packhorse bridge is a Scheduled Monument

Action 5/4: AP to ask National Park Ranger to check the broken gate at Drigg Holme

Action 5/5: AP to arrange for the Millennium Oak stone to be moved around

Action 5/6: Clerk to email NWS to ask for all minutes to be sent to the Clerk

Action 5/7: Clerk to compile a list of standing agenda items for the Liaison meetings