Drigg & Carleton Parish Council – Minutes – June 2024

Minutes Uploaded on June 23, 2024



Held in Drigg Village Hall on 11th June 2024 at 6.30 pm

Attended:          Chris Gigg                                        CG         (Chair)

John Jennings                                 JJ            (Vice-Chair)

Andy Pratt                                       AP          (Ward Councillor)

Jimmy Naylor                                 JN

Keith Murray                                  KM

Martin Clayton                               MC

Karen Warmoth                             (Clerk / RFO)


Apologies:          Sadie Clarke                                    SC



  • Minutes of the May 2024 Ordinary Meeting
    1. Resolution to approve the minutes of the meeting on 14th May 2024 as a true and accurate record proposed by KM and seconded by JJ with all in favour; minutes signed by the Chair


  • Apologies for absence: Sadie Clarke


  • Declarations of interest relating to this agenda: none


  • Co-option
    1. One person attended the meeting with a view to being co-opted in July 2024
  • Financial matters
    1. Finance report
      1. Balance: the balance of the Parish Council account is £4,163.55 (£224.80 remains outstanding to HMRC, less £200 fine)
    2. Consideration of payments
      1. CALC invoice TR3021: HMRC PAYE Training for the Clerk at a cost of £20 approved for payment by AP, seconded by KM, with all in favour
  • Actions and matters arising
    1. Action 3/3: SC contacted NDA (as landowners) about beach benches and gun turrets –awaiting response. SC to report back when the NDA respond – action closed
    2. Action 5/1: CG to send the dimensions of the shutters required to fit round the new screen to obtain a new quote – action ongoing
    3. Action 5/2: SK confirmed he would lay the paving slabs around the bench on Shore Road as agreed in June 2024 – action closed
    4. Action 5/3: Drigg Packhorse bridge is a Scheduled Monument. Historic England’s permission is required to make any changes – awaiting a reply from their project team. Packhorse bridge to be a Parish agenda item at the next meeting – action closed
    5. Action 5/4: LDNP will provide gates for the PROW over the bridge if the landowners install them. AP requested a quote from LDNP Rangers for the cost of installing the gates. Natural England confirmed the bridge is part of the footpath – action closed (see also Action 5/3)
    6. Action 5/5: AP to arrange for the Millennium Oak stone to be moved around – ongoing
    7. Action 5/6: NWS agreed to send the Liaison meeting minutes to the Clerk after they were approved at the subsequent meeting – action completed
    8. Action 5/7: Clerk to compile a list of standing agenda items for the Liaison meetings – action completed


  • Cumberland Council
    1. Report
      1. Cumberland Council currently in pre-election purdah, so no discussion of policy
      2. AP to chase Cumberland road sweepers again to come and clear moss from pavements
    2. Highways
      1. Speed review: results due in June. Outcomes then to be agreed by Highways in October and the decision implemented
      2. Road Closures: updates on the community website
        • A595: no overnight closures on Saturdays and Sundays


  • Public Participation
    1. Four parishioners came forward
    2. Cow manure is being dropped on Hill Terrace leaving dirt which is then washed into the river by rain; request for Cumberland Council to clean the roads
      1. Highways are the responsible enforcement authority; road is currently dry with some ingrained muck flattened down by traffic (not a slip hazard)
      2. When Cumberland inspected the road it was clear
  • Photographic evidence of muck on the road would help show the extent of the problem
  1. Road due to be resurfaced by the end of summer right through the village
  1. Influx of seagulls at Hill Farm causing a public nuisance
    1. Farm owner is aware of this problem and is seeking to mitigate it already
    2. Seagulls are attracted by the new feed given to the cows to reduce the amount of barley
  • Seagulls are a protected species so may not be culled; a bird scarer would be noisy
  1. Farmer hopes to make it harder for the gulls to access the bread with a new food store
  2. Less barley being delivered; mixed feed now ready crushed to reduce noise and dust


  • Main Business
    1. APM speaker’s fee: resolution to pay the APM speaker a fee of £50; proposed by CG, seconded by MC, with all in favour
    2. Defibrillator training: requested by a parishioner at the Annual Parish meeting.
      1. Cheapest quote was £40 per person for two hours’ training
      2. Suggested that the Clerk should approach First Responders for a training session
  • Saturday morning preferred; all hall user groups to be invited to send a delegate
  1. Lamp-posts: Cumberland Council have continued Copeland’s policy of capping off faulty lamp-posts rather than replacing them; no statutory duty exists to provide footway lights
  2. Unauthorised use of Drigg & Carleton Parish logo: request sent to the CALC Legal team on the unauthorised use of the DCPC logo; no response as yet
  3. Overnight parking at the beach: raised at the NWS Liaison meeting. NWS unsure if they own the beach car park; possibly NDA are the landowners? NWS to check
    1. CNC cannot enforce an overnight parking ban unless there is a by-law forbidding it
    2. Need to establish land ownership to be able to take this matter forward
  • Need to establish if Cumberland Council have by-laws relating to this area
  1. Shutters: a new quote is needed to take account of the Cine North proposed new screen; CG to obtain dimensions from the supplier to plan for Cine Screen brackets
  2. Hall Loft project: loft currently full of sundry items belonging to various groups
    1. Wooden items can go on the bonfire
    2. Metal items can go for scrap to the Ratty Metal Skip
  • Need to clear a space for the ladder so that the structural engineer can do his work
    • Skip: up to £800 pre-authorised for a skip to clear the unwanted materials proposed by CG and seconded by JJ, with all in favour
    • Warning: hall user groups to be warned to remove any materials they wish to keep
  1. Proposed by CG that a Working Group is formed to drive the project forward
    • Volunteers for the Working Group: CG, AP, MC, SC, JJ, JN
  2. Any other Parish matters: none raised

Action 6/1: Clerk to approach First Responders to ask if they offer Defib / CPR training sessions

  • Received communications
    1. NetWise / Cabinet Office initiative
      1. Funding of £100 + VAT for a .uk domain name for emails and website
      2. Website: current website is a community website with Charity documents, photos, etc
        • Would DCPC need two domains to host this additional material?
  • Email: benefit for Freedom of information requests of having all DCPC business channelled through dedicated email address rather than individuals’ email addresses
  1. Resolution to ask CALC to clarify the benefits of moving to
  1. Electrical Safety First
    1. Bill going through Parliament to impose safety standards on lithium batteries used for e-bikes and e-scooters. Email received re supporting this campaign
    2. DCPC keen to support safety standards; Clerk to draft a letter for Chair to sign
  2. Morgan Offshore Wind Project: Generation Assets. PINS Reference EN010136
    1. Development consent has been accepted. Planning Inspectorate invites stakeholders to make a relevant representation to be kept uptodate with progress on this project
      • This wind farm is some distance from the Parish
      • Will there be an impact on Drigg & Carleton? Is there a community benefit?
      • Clerk to confirm if the Parish is in the area of community benefit and ask for map refs


Action 6/2: Clerk to ask CALC for advice on benefits of moving to

Action 6/3: Clerk to draft a letter in support of the Bill for safety standards for lithium batteries

Action 6/4: Clerk to establish whether the Parish is in the area of community benefit for the Offshore Wind Project


  • Planning Applications
    1. Lake District National Park Authority
      1. T/2024/0087: Carleton Hall, Carleton, Holmrook, CA19 1YX. Fell 1x Oak tree and 2x Ash trees. Response required by 12th June 2024
        • No objection to removing the diseased trees
        • The PC asked whether more trees could be planted to replace them?
      2. Cumberland Council:
        1. 4/24/2152/OF1 – Retrospective erection of a building to house cattle: Hill Farm, Holmrook. Response required by 12th June 2024
          • Application for a change of use
          • Farmer is not in breach of any regulations; stocking levels are approved
          • Farmer is continuing to mitigate noise, smell, working times, etc
          • If the cattle are moved to another building, they would be nearer the residents
          • Residents have concerns about removal of slurry, noise, smell, dust, mud on the road
          • Suggested that residents should write directly to the Planning Dept themselves to highlight their concerns
          • Deliveries and their timing is a concern (but LLWR also send big lorries along this road)
          • Highways have no comment to make on the access road or road use
          • The Parish Council is unable to support the application due to the negative impact on parishioners but can find no legal or material objection; therefore the DCPC response is neutral
        2. Cumberland Council: Minerals and Waste Planning Team 4/24/9002: Reconsultation – siting of 26 portable buildings for office, laboratory and welfare purposes for a temporary period of 5 years. Creation of contractor’s vehicle and siting of four electric vehicle charging points. Drigg Low Level Waste Disposal Site. Response required by 12th June 2024
          1. The Parish Council identified a number of issues with this application and strongly objects to it
            • The portable buildings will cater for up to 70 people; why are 26 portable buildings plus a laboratory needed for 30 extra jobs?
            • 30 people per day represent 60 traffic movements; will the effects of these traffic movements be mitigated? Will they be at anti-social hours such as very early mornings, evenings, Sundays, banks holidays, etc or during school hours? Traffic volume is likely to increase if 30 people or more are added to the site numbers
            • The application mentions bussing staff from Greengarth; Greengarth is not yet available as a park and ride traffic hub and the owners know nothing about this plan
            • If the new staff are being bussed to the site, why are EV charging points needed?
            • If people will be travelling from Workington or Millom, why can’t they come by train
            • If buses or trains are not an option, what plans are in place to reduce the impact of even more traffic twice daily in the village?
            • There is no clarity on working hours; will night shifts be included, for example?
            • How firmly is the five year limit to be enforced?
            • Will all the portable buildings be removed in 2029 without question?
            • What proposals are in place to mitigate the effect of this development on the residents of the parish?
  • Cumbria Association of Local Councils
    1. Training: deferred to the next meeting
    2. No meeting to report

  • Reports from Representatives
    1. GDF Mid Copeland Community Partnership
      1. Pre-election period: NWS is unable to hold meetings during the pre-election period
      2. Community Investment Fund will continue to meet
  • Next meeting: Monday 29th July 2024, 3.30 pm, venue to be confirmed
  1. GDF South Copeland Community Partnership
    1. Pre-election period: NWS is unable to hold meetings during the pre-election period
    2. Community Investment Fund will continue to meet
  • Next meeting: on 14th August 2024 at 6.30 pm at Kirksanton Village Hall


  1. NWS / DCPC Liaison meeting
    1. Issues raised: traffic, car park, failure to disclose planning application
    2. Corporate: two new directors; CG asked for overview of Management Structure
  • Out of hours contacts: still not supplied
  1. Website: NWS enquired about using community website for help advertising traffic movements
  2. Next NWS / DCPC Liaison meeting: at 4.30 pm on 25th June 2024 at Drigg Village Hall
    • Focus on SSSI and ecology at the next Liaison meeting


  • Matters to be considered at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
    1. Drigg Holme: Packhorse bridge
    2. Co-option of a new Councillor
      1. Application form
      2. Disclosable Pecuniary Interests
  • Declaration of Acceptance of Office
  1. CALC Training for the Chair and for new Councillors
  2. DC Newsletter – Autumn 2024 – copy deadline


  • Date of next meeting
    1. Close: meeting closed 8.30 pm
    2. Next meeting: to be held on 9th July 2024 at Drigg Village Hall at 6.30 pm
    3. No meeting in August

Karen Warmoth
Parish Clerk
Drigg & Carleton Parish Council
13th June 2024


Summary of Actions

Action 5/1: CG to review the dimensions for the shutters and obtain new quote

Action 5/5: AP to arrange for the Millennium Oak stone to be moved around


New Actions

Action 6/1: Clerk to approach First Responders to ask if they offer Defib / CPR training sessions

Action 6/2: Clerk to ask CALC for advice on benefits of moving to

Action 6/3: Clerk to draft a letter in support of the Bill for safety standards for lithium batteries

Action 6/4: Clerk to establish whether the Parish is in the area of community benefit for the Offshore Wind Project