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Drigg & Carleton Parish Council Agenda June 14/06/2022

Agendas Uploaded on June 13, 2022

Drigg & Carleton Parish Council


Tuesday 14th June 2022

To be held in the Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm

Some Covid precautions may apply

Members of the public who wish to attend and speak at the meeting are requested to identify themselves and the topic on which they wish to speak, to the Clerk or Chair, 48 hours ahead of the meeting date.

The public participation item is for a maximum of 20 minutes, with no individual speaking for more than five minutes. Public participation is restricted to this agenda item only.


  1. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 10th May 2022
  2. Minutes of the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council held on 24th May 2022
  3. Resolution to approve and signature of minutes of all previous meetings in May
  4. Apologies for absence
    1. Parish Councillors are requested to notify the Chair or Clerk of absences from the Parish Council meeting in advance if possible
  5. Financial matters
    1. Financial Report
    2. Consideration of any outstanding payments
      1. Data Protection fee renewal due 21st July 2022
    3. Actions and matters arising from previous Ordinary Meetings of the Parish Council
      1. Action Point 5/1: Clerk to email Paul Turner re dangerous parking
      2. Action Point 5/2: SB to check if LLWR liaison cttee meeting minutes may be shared
      3. Action Point 5/3: SB to ask via website where locals prefer the bench to be sited
      4. Action Point 5/4: Clerk to forward BHS email to SB and to Cumbria Riding Club
      5. Action Point 5/5: Clerk to email ticket info on Fighting Climate Change to AP
      6. Action Point AGM/1: Clerk to email DPI form to KH as newly co-opted Member
      7. Action Point AGM/2: KH to review Standing Orders
      8. Action Point AGM/3: Clerk to email DPI form to all Parish Councillors
    4. Reports from County and District Councillors
      1. County
      2. Copeland Borough Council
    5. Public participation (limited to five minutes per person, maximum of 20 minutes in total)
    6. Standing Orders
      1. Review of Standing Orders
      2. Declarations of Pecuniary Interests: Members requested to submit their updated DPIs
    7. Main business
      1. Highway matters: Holmrook Hill dangerous parking
      2. PRoW: Irton church to Holmrook PRoW upgrade
      3. LLWR / NWS
      4. Community communications
        1. Beach monitoring consultation by Sellafield; online workshops in early July to assess what is needed with input from local identified stakeholders
      5. Community Led Plan: review (one update submitted to date)
      6. Any other Parish matter
        1. Jubilee celebration
        2. ACT Newsletter: funding for Village Hall
  • DEFRA will have a new source of funding to support capital fundingof community managed halls across the country – further announcement in August
  1. Rural connectivity: Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme for locations that are unlikely to benefit from commercial broadband rollout, and where available services are currently less than ‘superfast’ (defined as a min 30Mbps download speed)
  1. Received communications placed before the meeting
    1. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 24th May 2022
    2. Grant Funding: Guidance for Town and Parish Councils (from CALC)
    3. Cumbria Resilience Forum: recording Emergency Plan (help with drafting one)
  2. Planning Applications
    1. Copeland Borough Council
      1. CBC App 4/21/2534/0O1 Bowrie Fauld: site visit to Bowrie Fauld on 8th June 2022 (SB as D&C PC representative and Clerk); CBC Planning Cttee meeting that afternoon
      2. CBC Ref 4/22/2070/0O1 Land North of Station Road, Drigg – reply to CBC required before 17th June 2022 to amended application
    2. Lake District National Park Planning Board
      1. Ref 7/2022/4045 Saltcoats Caravan Site, Saltcoats, Holmrook, CA19 1YY: Extension to existing caravan park by 52no units plus associated access and landscaping
    3. Cumbria Association of Local Councils
      1. AGM of Copeland District of CALC
        1. AGM to take place online via MS Teams on Tuesday 12th July 2022 at 7pm
        2. Nominations invited for posts of District Association Chair, Vice-Chair (who also attends the county executive as the second representative) and up to 5 ordinary executive members by 30th June 2022
      2. LDNPA delegate for the West Distinctive Area (ballot completed and sent for 8th June 2022 deadline)
    4. Receive reports from representatives
      1. GDF Community Partnership
      2. LLWR/NWS Liaison
      3. CALC Report
    5. Matters to be considered at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
      1. See agenda
      2. Members are invited to submit items for discussion five days ahead of the next meeting
      3. The public may submit items for consideration no later than 48 hours before the next meeting
    6. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 12th July 2022


Karen Warmoth

Temporary Clerk

Drigg and Carleton Parish Council


9th June 2022