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Drigg & Carleton Parish Council Agenda – July 14/07/2022

Uploaded on July 11, 2022

Drigg & Carleton Parish Council


Thursday 14 th July 2022

To be held in the Village Hall starting at 7.30 pm

Some Covid precautions may apply


Members of the public who wish to attend and speak at the meeting are requested to identify themselves and the topic on which they wish to speak, to the Clerk or Chair, 48 hours ahead of the meeting date.

The public participation item is for a maximum of 20 minutes, with no individual speaking for more than five minutes. Public participation is restricted to this agenda item only.


1. Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 14 th June 2022
2. Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Parish Council held on 27 th June 2022
3. Resolution to approve and signature of minutes of all previous meetings in May
4. Apologies for absence
5. Parish Clerk
a. David Millington: DM has decided to step down from the role of Clerk: proposed vote
of thanks to him for his years of service to the Parish Council since July 2006
b. Election of a new Clerk
6. Financial matters
a. Financial Report
b. To resolve on dates to make Parish Council accounts available to the public
c. Electronic payments: whether approved and minuted payments may be made by the
RFO by electronic means
d. Consideration of any outstanding payments
i. TR Publishing invoice: Tethera summer subscription payment for £75
ii. Clerk’s invoice for services covering May and June 2022 (henceforth to be invoiced
iii. RFO’s invoice for services (henceforth to be invoiced quarterly)
iv. To discuss how to manage PC / Charity invoices going forward
7. Actions and matters arising from previous Ordinary Meetings of the Parish Council
a. Action 5/3: suggested site for bench next to bus stop – JJ to confirm if landowner
would give permission (query whether Highways might also need to be notified)
b. Action 6/1: Clerk to forward newly updated DPIs to Copeland
c. Action 6/2: AP to ask Copeland for data from their recent housing needs survey
d. Action 6/3: AP to ask Copeland Planning Officer to come and speak to PC re policy
e. Action 6/4: Clerk to circulate CALC guidance email and model form re resilience and
emergency planning to all councillors for consideration
f. Action 6/5: Clerk to email CBC and LDNPA planning boards respectively with the PC’s
g. Action 6/6: Clerk to email CALC with nominations by 30 th June 2022
8. Reports from County and District Councillors
a. County
b. Copeland
c. Cumberland
d. Coastal Committee (subgroup of CCC)
9. Public participation (limited to five minutes per person, maximum of 20 minutes in total)
10. Main business
a. Community communications
i. Beach monitoring consultation by Sellafield on 14 th July; online workshop to assess
what is needed with input from local identified stakeholders; invitation by email
b. Community Led Plan: review further comments from KH re items 7, 10, 12, 14, 20, 21
c. Any other Parish matter
11. Received communications placed before the meeting
a. Cumbria Resilience Forum: Emergency Plan, CALC email from Kate McGibbon, (email
sent to all members 15 th June 2022)
b. Letter from Edwin Dinsdale requesting PC support for WCH Hospital Campaign
c. Zurich update to underwriting business
d. NACO guidance 6th edition: Marking the death of a senior national figure
12. Planning Applications
a. Copeland Borough Council
i. CBC Ref 4/22/2070/0O1 Land North of Station Road, Drigg: to confirm the
agreement by email to approve the updated application
ii. CBC App 4/22/2270/0F1: Detached Double Garage, Southerly, Drigg
13. Cumbria Association of Local Councils
a. AGM of Copeland District of CALC
b. Census: census data from CALC
14. Receive reports from representatives
a. GDF Mid-Copeland Community Partnership
i. New DCPC Rep to be appointed
b. LLWR/NWS Liaison
15. Matters to be considered at the next Ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council
a. See agenda
b. Members are invited to submit items for discussion five days ahead of the next
c. The public may submit items for consideration no later than 48 hours before the next
16. Date of next meeting: 13 th September 2022

Karen Warmoth
Temporary Clerk
Drigg and Carleton Parish Council