DCPC – Agenda – AGM – May 2024

Agendas Uploaded on May 9, 2024

Drigg & Carleton Parish Council



Tuesday 14th May 2024

To be held in Drigg Village Hall starting at 6.30 pm


  1. Apologies for absence
  1. Minutes of the AGM 2023

  2. To elect a Chair for the Council for 2024/25

  3. Declaration of Acceptance of the Office of Chair

  4. To appoint a Vice Chair for the Council for 2024/25

  5. Declaration of Acceptance of Office of Councillor (all)

  6. Declaration of Pecuniary Interests – to be signed

  7. Code of Conduct Agreement – to be signed

  8. To appoint representatives for outside bodies
    1. CALC (last year AP)
    2. LLWSSG (last year AP, JJ, CG and SC)
    3. WCSSG (last year AP, though any Parish Cllr may attend)
    4. Village Hall Committee (all Parish Cllrs)
    5. Project Committee (all Parish Cllrs)
    6. D&C PC – LLWR/NWS Co-ordination Committee (last year JJ, AP and SC)
    7. Mid Copeland Community Partnership (non-voting) (currently Clerk till 1 April 2025)
    8. South Copeland Community Partnership (currently CG)
    9. Other body / committee
  9. To consider payment of any subscriptions or fees falling due to be paid annually
    1. PC insurance
    2. CALC membership
    3. Website domain name
    4. Netwise web hosting
    5. Anti-virus software
    6. Audit fee
    7. Data Protection fee
    8. Other annual payments
  10. To inspect the Standing Orders of the Parish Council – June 2022 update

  11. To review the Clerk’s Contract of Employment in line with the Green Book updates

  12. To inspect deeds and investments in the custody of the Parish Council
    1. Deeds to the Village Hall
    2. List of Parish Assets

  13. Date of next AGM: May 2025



Karen Warmoth
Parish Clerk
Drigg & Carleton Parish Council
8th May 2024